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Patient Testimony

Testimony Aditya“I love my new smile. Very friendly staff.”

~Aditya A. Beaverton

Testimony Alan 150“The office is well maintained, clean, and hospitable. The staff were very friendly and experienced as my appointments were often faster than anticipated. Overall, the experience was far above my expectations and I enjoyed the process.”

~Alan Y. Portland

Testimony Alex 150“Nice Staff. Great Doctor. Beautiful Teeth.”

~Alex D. Portland

Testimony Alexander 150"Really friendly staff."

~Alexander C. Portland

Testimony Alice 150"I love it! My teeth look awesome:)"

~Alice I. Beaverton

Testimony Aunders 150“Everyone was always very nice and helpful. I am very pleased with how my braces worked out and the end result.”

~Aunders E. Portland

Testimony Austin 150“I do tell others about my orthodontist because I love the result and was happy about my experience there.”

~Austin E. Portland

Testimony Celena 150“I think that the office is very comfortable and inviting. The employees are really kind and they care about their job and about you. I’m so happy to have my new smile, and I’m glad I went to Bethany Orthodontics!”

~Celena B. Portland

Testimony Chase 150“The Bethany Orthodontics office is comfy and fun. The staff are all very nice and friendly. I thank the whole staff for helping me get the wonderful smile I have now. Thank you all!”

~Chase I. Beaverton

Testimony Cheyanna 150“At first I was nervous. I didn’t know if braces would really make things better. But now I see it did. I love my new smile. The people who work here are very nice and friendly. They explain things in a way I can understand.”

~Cheyanna S. Portland

Testimony Chuchen 150“I like my new look very much. I become more confident to smile. I like the service of Dr. Liu and her team that they are patient to any question I have and they provide convenience based on my schedule. I would recommend Bethany Orthodontics!”

~Chuchen C. Portland

Testimony Connor 150"I personally like the office. The people are kind and they care about the patient. My teeth are great, they are straight and they are amazing."

~Connor E. Beaverton

Testimony CrystalD 150“The treatment was quite nice. What was most memorable about Dr. Liu’s office was how precisely things are done. No shortcuts and loopholes are taken, and they always keep patients informed on what procedures to do/ what is generally going on.”

~Crystal D. Portland

Testimony CrystalM 150“I love my new smile-it is incredible! Dr. Liu is extremely professional and patient. I have been recommending her services to all of my friends and family. Thank you.”

~Crystal M. Portland

Testimony Cullen 150“I really enjoyed friendly atmosphere; also I enjoyed all the magazines and Xbox. I am excited to have my braces off so I can use a clear retainer no one can see. I’m going to miss choosing colors on my braces.”

~Cullen K. Portland

Testimony Dallas 150“I love it. I enjoy the results very much! Dr. Liu and the staff were great!”

~Dallas C. Portland

Testimony Dina 150“We really appreciated the clear instructions through the whole process. Scheduling was very easy. Dina’s smile looks great! Thanks!”

~Dina M. Portland

Testimony Donald 150“From what I have heard from my friends of their orthodontist, you guys did an awesome job of not hurting my gums and inside cheeks.”

~Donald H. Portland

Testimony Elijah 150“I really enjoyed the comfort your office provided while I waited for my son’s examination to be completed. His new smile is “fantastic”. Well worth the wait! Thank you Bethany Orthodontics Dr. Sue-Chin Liu you are the best!”

~Elijah M. Portland

Testimony Evan 150"The whole staff was very friendly. I enjoyed how quickly my treatment was, and I love how my teeth look."

~Evan C. Portland

Testimony Gavin 150“I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I think the office did a great job and made the process as smooth and painless as possible.”

~Gavin C. Portland

Testimony Gena 150“It has been so great here at Bethany Ortho. Everybody has been so nice and took excellent care of my teeth. Could’t be more grateful. Thank you so much!”

~Gena S. Portland

Testimony Hannah 150“Everyone is always very energetic and friendly. I absolutely love my new smile. It’s big and bright!”

~Hannah S. Portland

Testimony Hazuki 150“I liked that staff members were so friendly and nice. This office changed my smile.”

~Hazuki H. Beaverton

Testimony Hudson 150“Dr. Liu’s office did a great job with my smile. The reception was nice and the orthodontist was fast and efficient for my routine appointments. The clinic was also very close to my home, so seeing them was pretty convenient. I would recommend Dr. Liu’s clinic for others.”

~Hudson Z. Portland

Testimony Ida 150“I loved all the attention for details they had, so I had a perfect smile at the end of the treatment.”

~Ida C. Portland

Testimony Jack 150“We recommend Dr. Liu. She is very knowledgeable and her staff is friendly.”

~Jack C. Portland

Testimony Jake 150“I love everyone. I love the office. I love my teeth”

~Jake S. Portland

Testimony Janel 150“My experience was wonderful. They were very organized and always explained to me about the process of straightening my teeth. Everybody was always really friendly & I love my new smile.”

~Janel C. Portland

Testimony Jennifer 150“I enjoyed my time here and the office employees were great. I’m really glad to be done with my treatment and I love my teeth! Thanks!”

~Jennifer F. Portland

Testimony Jenny 150“As time went on, the treatment was a lot easier. After I got my braces off and saw the teeth are straight, I was really happy. Thank you!”

~Jenny K. Portland

Testimony Jesse M 150“Everyone is very friendly and always worked with us. My teeth look amazing!”

~Jesse M. Portland

Testimony Jesus 150“The office is a very comfortable place. The staff is friendly and organized. I’m happy with the treatment as a whole & the end result is great.”

~Jesus D. Tigard

Testimony Karishma 150“Great office! Great staff! Always cordial! Front staff & back just wonderful. Our experience has been great. We will refer lots. Thank you for all that you have done for Karishma.”

~Karishma S. Portland

Testimony Kasey 150“Nice. Cool.”

~Kasey K. Portland

Testimony Katherine 150“I am very happy with my new smile and I am also very happy with the office. Everybody here was very friendly”

~Katherine Y. Portland

Testimony Katrina 150“Everyone at Bethany Orthodontics was so nice and friendly. Despite the occasional pain, having braces was a great experience. I am so satisfied with the way my teeth turned out!”

~Katrina T. Portland

Testimony Kerri 150“I love going to your office. You’re all so nice! Also, I love my smile. Thank you so much!”

~Kerri P. Aloha

Testimony Kevin 150“Bethany Orthodontics has been a great and friendly place, and I really like what they’ve done! I would recommend them to anybody.”

~Kevin M. Portland

Testimony Leo 150“I like my new smile a lot and the office is a great place that makes the whole braces experience more bearable.”

~Leo N. Beaverton

Testimony Linda 150“I really enjoyed coming here to get my braces. The people are all friendly and I love my new smile!”

~Linda N. Beaverton

Testimony Lizzie 150"I loved Bethany Orthodontics because the staff was really nice. They also work hard to help me get my teeth straight.

~Lizzie R. Portland

Testimony Logan 150“Your office a comfortable feeling. My new smile is very nice and straight.”

~Logan G. Portland

Testimony Lynn 150“The staff is professional and friendly. I was treated like a person not a patient. And best of all... I love my new smile!”

~Lynn C. Portland

Testimony Madison 150“Everyone is super friendly and helpful. It’s been so great coming here to help straighten out my mouth. I’m so appreciative for everyone who’s helped me these past few years.”

~Madison W. Beaverton

Testimony Manami 150“I wish I had done it 20 years ago. I’’m very happy with the outcome. ”

~ Manami F. Portland

Testimony Marissa 150“I like the office, it’s very inviting and I love my new smile.”

~Marissa G. Beaverton

Testimony Mark 150“I love it. All the staff was very nice & loving during my treatment time. I look forward to having my beautiful smile for many years. Thank you.”

~Mark I. Portland

Testimony Nataly“I loved every appointment I had. Everyone was very kind and it was exciting to see the changes in my smile. Now I can’t stop smiling because they look so pretty.”

~Nataly N. Hillsboro

Testimony Nicholas 150“Friendly staff. Professional and kind. I like my “new smile”.”

~Nicholas L. Portland

Testimony Nicole 150"Everyone was very sweet & understanding. I would definitely recommend Bethany Orthodontics to a friend or family member."

~Nicole B. Beaverton

Testimony Nikhil 150“Great office, really nice staff. I like my new smile.”

~Nikhil A. Portland

Testimony Nina 150“Through this whole experience I’ve always enjoyed coming to the office. One of the kind doctors were always waiting for me. The process was long but when I saw my new smile I was so glad. I’m very grateful to the people who did this for me. I love my teeth they are so straight and pretty! Thank you so much!”

~Nina S. Forest Grove

Testimony Paige 150“I would refer other patients to this office because the experience was positive and easy. I like the friendly staff and the small, comfortable environment.”

~Paige E. Portland

Testimony Pam Pam 150“The people who work at the office are friendly and helpful, so going to my appointments is not a problem at all. I love my smile because my teeth are all straight!!”

~Pam Pam G. Portland

Testimony Philip 150“The Bethany Orthodontics office is such a user friendly place. The staff is very considerate of their patients and do their best to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.”

~Philip H. Portland

Testimony Presley 150“My teeth are straight and I like my teeth. Thank you for fixing my teeth.”

~Presley R. Portland

Testimony Ryan 150“Love it! Looks and feels amazing. The long term effort really paid off. Everyone at Bethany Orthodontics is to thank!”

~Ryan S. Beaverton

Testimony Sam 150“My treatment here was really great and everyone was always friendly.”

~Sam H. Portland

Testimony Samantha E 150“The welcoming staff of this office has made the experience easier for me. Braces for me were simple and not as bad as I had heard.”

~Samantha E. Portland

Testimony Samantha L 150“I’ve had nothing but the best of experiences, and am overwhelmingly happy with the results!”

~Samantha L. Portland

Testimony Sarah 150“I love the ortho office! It has a very friendly, homey feel which helps for people like me that are scared of dentists! I LOVE My new smile, now that my braces are off.”

~Sarah K. Hillsboro

Testimony Shelley 150“Wonderful! Thank you very much.”

~Shelly A. Portland

Testimony Simon 150“I enjoy my new smile very much! The staff was very nice and the process was very quick and painless.”

~Simon C. Portland

Testimony Sophia 150“Braces seemed intimidating, but the staff here really helped me take care of my teeth and made sure my teeth were shifting to where they should be. Thank you so much!”

~Sophia E. Portland

Testimony Spencer 150“I love my new smile.”

~Spencer S. Portland

Testimony Stanley 150“-clean office, nice staff
-flexible scheduling

-awesome treatment”

~Stanley C. Portland

Testimony Susan 150Testimony Janet 150“I love my new smile. Dr. Liu and all the office staff are extremely friendly and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure I’m happy with the results. Thank you!”

~Susan & Janet L. Beaverton

Testimony Susmitha 150“The office is always so clean and organized. The staff is always so kind and gentle. Thank you so much for everything you did.”

~Susmitha M. Portland

Testimony Tara 150“I love your office. My smile is looking fabulous.”

~Tara T. Portland

Testimony Tess 150“I had a great experience at Bethany Orthodontics! They do such a great job and I would like to thank them so much for a new smile!”

~Tess J. Portland

Testimony Tin 150“Dr. Liu is very professional and knowledgeable, as well as caring. She really wants the best for her patents. No questions are too much for her. She’ll take the time to explain the answer. I’d recommend her to all my friends.”

~Tin V. Vancouver

Testimony Tina 150“I loved my experience at Bethany Ortho! You guys made it easy, and quick. I LOVE MY NEW SMILE!!!”

~Tina L. Portland

Testimony Tyler 150“Everything is looking good and I like my new smile. Thank you.”

~Tyler J. Portland

Testimony Udayini150“I love my new smile. Dr. Liu and her staff took good care of me during my treatment and I appreciate it.”

~Udayini P. Portland

Testimony Victoria 150“Bethany Orthodontics has provided 2 of my 3 children with great smiles. My 3rd child will be getting treatment started there soon. The staff is very polite and helpful. They care about their patients and cater to their needs always.”

~Victoria N. Portland

Testimony Vivi 150“The staff are very nice and professional. I feel content with the new smile. Thank you.”

~Vivi L. Portland

Testimony Weston 150“You guys have a lot of magazines and video games for the kids, so that’s cool. I love my “new smile”! I’m definitely happy to have my braces off. Everyone here was always so nice too.”

~Weston L. Beaverton

Testimony Wilma 150"The girls are always nice and very gentle. After I wait for long time, I am so thankful for my new smile. I love it. I am very happy.”

~Wilma C. Portland

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